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A few of my work in animation, showcasing a range from playful school projects to social media ads for local companies. When it comes to animation, I like incorporating audio when possible to enhance the story and give it another dimension.

I have worked with animated videos, gifs, and interactive HTML content. I use After Effects, Photoshop, and Google Web Designer.


“Sweet Nothing” by Calvin Harris

A short snippet of a typographic animation done for an animation class at UH West Oahu.

When I came across a stock video of an interpretive dance, I knew right away it was perfect to capture the emotion of Calvin Harris’s “Sweet Nothing,” one of my favorite songs.

Interactive Animated Ads

Hawaiian Telcom Web Display Ads

I designed and produced these interactive ads as Digital Production Assistant at Anthology Marketing Group for Hawaiian Telcom in the summer of 2018. These sets each have about 5 different animated sizes, along with additional creative specifically for social media.

3D Storytelling

A Timelapse of the University of Pennsylvania

For my Computer Animation class’ final project, I decided to collaborate with The Daily Pennsylvanian and discuss the historical (and sometimes heated) relationship between the University of Pennsylvania, world-renowned Ivy League university with a $9.6 billion endowment, and West Philadelphia, a “tough” section of Philadelphia with one of the worst poverty and crime rates in the country. This topic has always interested me since I started school at Penn in 2012 and saw for myself the striking inequality of privilege, wealth and education.

My inspiration for this type of long-form feature was The New York Time’s Snow Fall piece. I worked with The DP’s Director of Online Projects, City News Editor, and the reporter to make this idea come to fruition.

Unfortunately, due to time and program restrictions, I was unable to publish the animation with the finished article. However, I’m still glad that the idea behind the animation not only sparked the telling of this story between Penn and West Philly, but also inspire the newspaper editors and reporters to produce immersive digital content like it.

A great deal of putting together the animation involved research and data. For each of the more than 200 buildings on campus, I had to find the height of the building, year it was built, and its relative location on the map I was using.


Animations Just For Fun

Movie Title

A mock movie title scene for a fictional thriller, The Magician.

The Ferris Wheel

Morning Traffic