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The Penn Ten Campaign

An interactive multimedia microsite that highlights 10 incredible students.


The inaugural Penn Ten was a 2015 campaign done during my time at The Daily Pennsylvanian (The DP). Featuring “most impressive” undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania, the campaign was inspired by Forbes’ first 30 Under 30 campaign; Randall Lane— then-Editor of Forbes Magazine and a Daily Pennsylvanian alum—was involved in the early stages of the campaign.

The Challenge

This campaign was one of the first company-wide, online-focused projects produced outside the newspaper’s typical print scope.

As Creative Director, I was tasked to create the style and production of the campaign and oversee my editors and their staff to produce multimedia content. Deliverables included branding, a website, individual and group photos, and videos of the candidates. As a curious digital designer at the time, I volunteered to design and build the microsite.

The Process

Since the campaign was essentially inspired by Forbes’ 30 Under 30 campaign, I used that as a source of inspiration to guide my creative process. Through our newspaper’s connection with Forbes, I had the opportunity to attend the first Under 30 Summit and conduct a bit of “field work” if you will.
Pictures from Forbes’ first 30 Under 30 Summit in October 2014 in Philadelphia, PA.
30 Under 30’s target audience was essentially those under 30 years old, which was very similar to our target audience, that is ambitious undergrads at an Ivy League university. The entire campaign as a whole was very energetic, lively, and loud, so taking these themes into consideration, we decided that Penn Ten should also have the same lively, cool, prestigious themes.

I encouraged the Photo and Video departments to capture footage that represented these themes, and for their staffs to shadow the candidates and capture intimate shots with big personalities.

The Outcome

The logo I designed for the Penn Ten Campaign. Meant to represent the vibrancy of the campaign.
Photography Direction
I had a hand in taking the group photo of all the candidates. Full disclosure, I had only gotten into photography about a year prior to this shoot.
Social Media Graphics
Article Page
The project received hundreds of shares and likes on Facebook as the candidates shared the website and their respective articles with their friends and family.

The microsite also won 5th place in the Multimedia Feature of the Year category at the Associated Collegiate Press National Awards in 2015.

Additionally, this project allowed the visual teams opportunities to expand their skills and passions, while also encouraging the organization to create more interactive digital content.